Staff Responsibilities

As well as teaching their classes most of our teachers have other responsibilities in school relating to the curriculum and how it is taught in school.


Here is a list of their current responsibilities:


Mrs N Cole  -  EYFS Lead Teacher and NQT Mentor

Mrs N Metcalfe - Maths in EYFS

Mrs L Allder - PSHCE

Mrs J Myers - English in EYFS

Ms I Lightowlers - Phonics in EYFS /Yr1

Miss T Donnelly - DT

Miss C Stoker  - ICT

Miss A Bradnum  - KS1 Lead Teacher   Science   Spelling

Mrs A Lewis - Art and  Display

Miss S Butler - Science

Miss V Julien - LKS2 Lead Teacher   Reading   NQT Mentor

Mrs E Wood - Maths

Mrs K Walker - Music

Mr B Smitten - P.E

Miss A Markez - UKS2 Lead Teacher   Writing    NQT Mentor

Mrs L Shaw  - RE