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A ‘Toddler Group’ and ‘Terrific Twos’ provides an outstanding provision for pre-school children. With detailed and careful planning each week, the Community Liaison Officer works closely with parents/carers to provide the best possible learning experiences for pre-Nursery school children,

Reasons for this approach:

Because there is a low baseline entry to Foundation Stage, particularly in respect of speech, language and communication, there is a specific need for speech, both in terms of articulation of sound and receptive language. Early year’s intervention is an approach that aims to ensure that young children have educationally based pre-school or nursery experiences which prepare for school and academic success, usually through additional nursery or pre-school provision.

Summer 2019:

These children are all ready to start our nursery after attending our 'Terrific Two's' group. We meet every Friday morning and the families have built up a relationship ready for their school journey.

If your child is 2 or approaching 2, please enquire about this group.

A few quotes from our parent/carer feedback forms - 2018/19

  • ‘F and O enjoyed exploring the ice tray. F was trying to excavate a leaf with the hammer. O said the ice was ‘very cold’. They described the ice as ‘cold like snow – wet – smooth – see through like glass. This activity was good fun.’
  • ‘ L plays quietly but has started to interact more today. L enjoys the story and singing the most. We enjoyed today being a quieter group but enjoy coming every week.’
  • ‘Enjoys painting, colouring, water, oats, and rice. Crafts also a favourite. Sometimes overwhelmed when larger volumes of children attend. Loves singing sessions and the interactive story.’
  • ‘More confident around other children and learning to share and play. Tries 90% of the activities in the room. Enjoys the sensory play and painting the most.’
  • ‘I really am grateful for Terrific Two’s. My son and I both get a lot out of it. We both get to socialise, make new friendships/relationships. I have the opportunity to participate in activities with my son but give him the freedom to play and socialise with other adults and children. This group boosts our self-esteem and confidence, so thank you Mrs B for giving the adults and children this time to build these important relationships before they start nursery.