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The judges have made their decision... and it has taken them over an hour!

Archie, Lewis and Orlaith have won £5 each.

All the children who entered have won a chocolatey treat.

Judge Samuel loved your amazing creations and Mr Cole just kept saying 'WOW'!

Happy Easter to all our lovely Nursery Families.

Thank you so much for every photograph and email that I have received in the last fortnight.

You have all made me smile.  

Look out for the next set of challenges on Monday 20th April.

Take care of each other.

Love and hugs

Mrs Cole


We have a few birthdays coming up during the Easter Break.  A big Happy 4th Birthday to Primrose, Lewis and Haniya.  We hope your days are filled with fun and love.  We have a few birthdays coming up during the Easter Break.  A big Happy 4th Birthday to Primrose, Lewis and Haniya.  We hope your days are filled with fun and love.

Hospital Rainbow Pictures

Charlotte, one of our Morning Nursery friends, would really like your help...

Her Uncle works in a hospital and would really like it if the Nursery children could do some pictures of rainbows to cheer up the patients.

I think he must know how fantastic you all are at drawing, colouring and painting rainbows!

Please drop any pictures off at the Main Office of school, Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm.  Thank you.

Friday 3rd April

Challenge 1

Click on the little images below to discover some lovely Easter rhymes for you to learn.

Maybe when you sing the 'Five Easter Eggs' song, you could use props like we do at Nursery when we sing 'Five Currant Buns' (pennies, something to represent eggs)

Thursday 2nd April

Take a look at our fantastic Easter Eggs. We all came up with different ways of doing the challenge.

They really are EGG-cellent!

  Our Learning Never Stops

Our afternoon friend, Daniel has been super brave when having his vaccinations at the doctors. Look at that big smile!

Thursday 2nd April

Challenge 1

Today I would like you to design and make a colourful, fancy Easter egg.   It can be big,middle sized or small.

You could draw an outline and then decorate it with fancy shapes using coloured pens, you could draw an outline and then stick collage materials on to make it fancy, you could paint a hard boiled egg, it could have chick hatching out of it, it could even look like Humpty Dumpty!

How you do it is entirely up to you, just make sure it is egg-cellent!

Wednesday 1st April

I am keeping the Easter hat competition entries under wraps for now...thank you for the entries so far...judging will take place on Friday.

More Learning In Action Below

Wednesday 1st April

It's time to start thinking about Easter.

Challenge 1

Watch the Easter clips on the cbeebies website:- 'Preparing for Easter' and 'Celebrating Easter' (Let's Celebrate)

The link below should take you to the site (fingers crossed!)

Easter Cbeebies

Talk about what some people might do to celebrate Easter (decorate eggs, egg rolling, going to Church, sending Easter cards to family, eat Easter eggs, etc)

Challenge 2

Mrs Cole's Easter Hat Competition

Let your imagination go wild and design and make an amazing Easter crown/hat/bonnet. 

Email me a photograph of you wearing your 'hat' by Friday 3rd April, ready for the judges to look at (Samuel Cole and Mr Cole!!)

There will be a prize for everyone who enters, with special prizes for the top 3 designers.

Good luck and get creating!

Tuesday 31st March

Our Learning in Action

What else have we been learning at home today?

Tuesday 31st March

Today is a counting day.

Challenge 1

Take a look at the Spring Time counting picture. Choose something on the picture to count, such as the umbrellas, the lambs, the butterflies, etc. 

Remember to use your pointing finger and touch each item as you say the number names.  Remember not to count too quickly.

Now find sets of objects to count around your home.  For example, spoons, plates, chairs, cushions, photograph frames, packets of crisps, toilet rolls!!

Have a go at writing your numerals to 10 in an interesting way.  For example, on paper with felt pens, with paint, with glue and glitter, with chalk on the paving flags outdoors or with water and a paintbrush outdoors/

Challenge 2

There are some lovely little games linked to mathematics on the following educational website -

Topmarks (https//www.topmarks.co.uk)

On the right hand side it says 'Popular Subjects', select EYFS.

It then brings up a list of 'tablet friendly' games.

I especially enjoyed playing Teddy Numbers, Underwater Counting, Ladybird Spots and the Gingerbread man Game!

Monday 30th March

Our Learning in Action

We never stop learning when we are at home...

Monday 30th March

Today is all about developing your memory skills.

Challenge 1

Take a look at the photograph below.  It is 5 of my favourite things!  Look carefully and ask a grown up to count to 10 slowly. 

When 10 seconds are up, close your eyes and see if you can remember all of my favourite things.

Now it is your turn to choose 5 of your favourite things and play the game with your grown up.  See if your grown up can remember your objects.  Then it is your grown ups turn to choose the objects.

If you get really good, you could try with 10 objects, or you could ask your grown up to remove one of the items and see if you can say which object is missing.

Challenge 2

Play the 'I went shopping' game.  Your grown up starts by saying "I went shopping and I bought bananas".  Then it is your turn.  You have to repeat what your grown up has said, as well as adding on an item yourself, "I went shopping and I bought bananas and sweets"

See how many things you can add to your list before you start forgetting things!

You could play 'I went camping and I took...', 'I went to the zoo and I saw...', 'I went to Nursery and saw my friend...'

 Challenge 3

I am sure you will have a memory pairs game at home, like the PJ Mask and the Frozen games that we have in Nursery.  If you have, then have a game.

You may have a game like the 'Shopping List' or 'Crazy Chefs', where you have to remember where an item on your board is.  Have a game.

  Week One of Home Learning In Action

(scroll down for more photographs)

Friday 27th March
Reading our favourite books and enjoying story time with Samuel.

Samuel says thank you for sending him your favourite book photographs and your kind emails.
I wonder who will be reading us a story next week?

Friday 27th March

Challenge 1

Today is a day to enjoy a story. Listen to Samuel Cole, aged 11, reading one of his favourite stories from when he was in Nursery.

Challenge 2

Choose one of your favourite stories and read it with your grown up or maybe read it to your teddies.

Send Samuel a picture of you reading your book. 

Thursday 26th March 

Our Learning in Action

I know which shops to visit when I am getting low on supplies! Or maybe you offer a home delivery service!

Thursday 26th March

Today you are going shopping!

Challenge 1

With the help of your grown up, set up your own little shop.  It can sell whatever you would like...food (tins and packets from the cupboards), fruit and vegetables, teddy bears, toys, Mummy's make up!... the choice is yours.

It can be an indoor or an outdoor shop.

Plan together what you will need - For example, items to sell, a till, coins, bags for the shopping, a telephone, a notepad and pencil, etc.

  • Talk about what your shop is going to be called.  You could make a sign to display at the front of your shop.
  • You could make some price tags to go on the items. 

Once your shop is all set up, it is time to wait for your first customer!  Who is it going to be?

Pretend you are the shop keeper and then swap roles and pretend you are the customer.

If I run out of anything, I need to know where to come, so don't forget to email me a photograph of your shop!

Wednesday 25th March

Our Learning in Action

Wednesday 25th March

Today is all about Nursery Rhymes.

Challenge 1

When we are at Nursery, we love going on the BBC rhymes website.  You can google 'BBC rhymes' or type in the following: https://www.bbc.co.uk

You will find an A-Z page of different Nursery rhymes and songs.

Let your child choose the rhymes that they would like to watch and sing along to.  My favourite is Humpty Dumpty!

Challenge 2

Give your child a series of 'Who Am I?' clues to guess a particular Nursery rhyme character.  Make it fun and maybe offer a reward for getting so many right.

For example, "I fell off a wall and I am an egg.  Who am I?"

"I have a dolly who was sick. Who am I?"

You get the idea!

Challenge 3

Make your own musical instrument so that you can play along with your favourite rhymes.

Why not make a shaker using a yoghurt pot filled with rice/pasta/cereal/etc?

Try a guitar using a cardboard box and some elastic bands.

Or maybe a drum using a spoon and a pan!

Enjoy making music today and of course, lots of NOISE!!

Tuesday 24th March

Our Learning in Action

Tuesday 24th March

Today is Teddy Bear Picnic Time!

Challenge 1
Count the number of Teddy Bears that you can find around your house.
Pick the Teddy Bear that you like best. Email me a smiley picture of you and your favourite bear.

Challenge 2
Learn the song about the Teddy Bears picnic with your grown up.
You can find some lovely versions on You Tube.

"If you go down to the woods today

You're sure of a big surprise.

If you go down to the woods today

You'd better go in disguise.

For every bear that ever there was

Was gathered there for certain because,

Today's the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic."

Challenge 3

Now it is time to plan your picnic menu with your grown up. Talk about which foods you would like and which foods you would dislike. 

Your grown up could write the menu and you could help identify some of the phonemes/sounds in the words.  For example, what sound can you hear at the beginning of 'sandwiches'?  You could draw some pictures to accompany the menu.

Challenge 4

Your grown ups may let you help to prepare the food for the picnic, especially with making the jam sandwiches! Messy!

Go outdoors in the sunshine and enjoy your picnic with your favourite Teddy Bear.

Monday 23rd March

Challenge 1

Today you are going on a treasure hunt around your house.

Mrs Cole’s Treasure Hunt

You could try it indoors or outdoors
1) Something that is a circle shape.
2) Something that has numbers on it.
3) Something that is taller than you.
4) Something that begins with a ‘s’.
5) Something that is made out of plastic.
6) Something that is shiny.
7) Something that has wheels.
8) Something that smells!
9) Something that is cold.
10) Something that is made out of chocolate!


Challenge 2

I love this idea that I have seen on social media....

Create a rainbow picture.  You can use paints, crayons, felt pens, chalks, etc.

Display the finished work in one of your windows,so that it can be seen by people who are out on a walk.

The idea is for you to then go out on a walk  with your grown up and see how many rainbows you can spot in other people's windows. 

The rainbows you see may belong to one of your Nursery friends, so don't forget to give them a wave!


Challenge 3

With your grown up, practise throwing and catching a large ball.
Remember to look at the ball and hold your hands out ready to catch it.
How many times can you catch it before it drops to the ground?

Choose something smaller to throw and catch, such as a tennis ball or a beanbag.
How many times can you catch it before it drops to the ground?

Monday 23rd March
Our Learning in Action

 What else have we been learning at home?

phonics, number, writing, creating, outdoor learning..