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Home Learning for Week 7 of Summer Term 2

Hi Year 1,

We hope you're all well and you've had a lovely weekend.

Well, it is your last official week in Year One! We are so proud of you this year as we know it has been a very difficult year for all of us. We have really missed having our full classes and seeing you all every day.

The dedication you have shown to home learning has been great and will really help your transition into year two.

This week the main aim is transition, so we have added some activities for you to complete to help you to start thinking about year two. If you would like to send us any of your transition activities we would love to send them to your new teachers.

The maths focus this week is time and we will be looking at telling the time to the hour and half past. When you have completed the lessons it would be great if you could go through the ‘Flashback’ PowerPoint to see if you can remember what you have learnt this term. I have also added the lovely White Rose activity booklets which will help you recap Year One's learning to ensure you are ready to move on in September. These can be found in the maths section below. 

As always we would love to hear from you (daltonyear1@gmail.com) and aim to respond to emails as quickly as we can.

We hope to speak to you soon and miss you all lots! Enjoy your last week of home learning and have a super summer!

Love Miss Wilkinson and Miss Donnelly xxx


Home Learning Grid - Week 7


Week 7 Home Learning Grid - Click on the link for a downloadable version of this weeks learning grid.

Website Links - Here are all of this week’s website links.



Draw around your hands to make your own butterfly. Fill the wings with pictures and words to show your interests and what you like. 

Can you draw a self portrait for your new teacher? Follow the direction video here. Label the picture with adjectives to describe yourself. 

Animal End of Year Quiz - Can you and your family complete the animal quiz for fun? 



Reading Activity Table - Can you roll a dice every day and complete the corresponding activity? 


Listen to Will Young reading 'Two Dads' here. Once you have heard the story, talk about your family and families you know. 

Listen to Sharon Clarke reading 'All Kinds of Families' here. Who is in your family? Talk to someone at home about their family too.

Family Tree Template - Draw a picture and write names of all the people on the apples then stick them to the tree to make your own family tree. 




The Cautious Caterpillar - Read through the story about change with someone at home. 

The Cautious Caterpillar Workbook - Complete the workbook to tell your new teacher all about you. 

The Cautious Caterpillar Reading Questions - Complete the questions using the story. 

Spread Your Wings and Fly - Read through the PowerPoint. 

My Favourite Memories - Think about your time in Year One and complete the worksheet to remember the things you enjoyed and achieved. 

Your Year Two teachers cannot wait to meet you all. Why not write them a letter to introduce yourself and tell them what you are hoping to achieve in Year Two. If you send us your letters, we will forward them on for you. 


Phonics and Spelling


Lesson 29 Watch the lesson where you will learn how the 'ea' grapheme can make the 'e' sound. 

'ea' Worksheet - Complete the worksheet. Find the words that rhyme containing 'ea'. Match up the sentences and then put the sentences in the correct order. 

Lesson 30 - Watch the lesson to learn the alternative pronunciation of 'g'. 

Soft and Hard 'g' Sorting Cards -  Cut out the word and picture cards. Sort them into hard g and soft g. 

Lesson 31 - Watch the lesson to learn the alternative pronunciation of 'c' as 's'. 

Soft 'c' Word Sort - Sort the words into soft 'c' (s) and hard 'c'. 

Lesson 32 -  Watch the lesson to learn the alternative pronunciation of 'a' making the 'o' sound.

'a' as in 'o' Worksheet - Complete the worksheet by writing the missing words then adding the correct words to the sentences. 

Lesson 33 - Watch the lesson to learn the alternative pronunciation of 'ch' as 'sh'. 

'ch' Worksheet - Complete the worksheet using what the alternative 'ch'. 

Year One Word Check - Can you get someone in your house to challenge you to spell and read all the Year One words?

Spellings - This half terms spellings.

Spelling Activity Table - Use different ideas to help with your spelling practise

Spelling Connect 4  - Play connect 4 with this weeks spellings.








This week we are learning to tell the time to the hour and half past. Use the White Rose Maths lessons here to help you. 

Lesson 1Worksheet - Telling the time to the hour. 

Lesson 2 Worksheet - Telling the time to half past. 

Lesson 3 Worksheet - Writing time. 

Lesson 4 Worksheet - Comparing time. 

Have a go at making your own clock and challenging yourself to make and read different times. 

As you will be moving up to Year Two in September it is important you have grasped addition and subtraction. If you want to practise this here is a lovely booklet from White Rose maths to complete. 

Length and Height Activity Booklet

Place Value Activity Booklet

Mass and Capacity Activity Booklet

Shape Activity Booklet





Complete the ‘Positive Mindset Penguin’ cosmic yoga here.

Have a go at some of the imove workouts here.

Make your own hopscotch for you and your family to play on. 

As you have been learning about time why not play the game 'What Time is is Mr Wolf' outside?




Please do not hesitate to email us for any Purple Mash or Reading Egg passwords you have misplaced.

Don't forget to also open the Useful Websites and Logins document so you have access to lots of recommended websites. Most of these are free and do not require you to sign up, however a few do and so we have provided you with the logins where possible. You may need to use your own details for others. 

Go to the code website Here and explore. See if you can complete any of the activities. You can practise using code in the dance party or Mine craft programmes.

Messages from Miss Lightowlers

Hello Year 1.

I hope you are all safe and well. It has been so long since I have seen you all. I bet you have grown!

I am setting a PURPLE MASH challenge this week. The person who completes the most 2dos will be rewarded with a little prize from me.

So get busy and GOOD LUCK!

Love from Miss Lightowlers xxxx



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