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The intention of the language curriculum at Dalton School is that children are taught to develop an interest in learning other languages in a way that is enjoyable and stimulating. We encourage children’s confidence and creative skills as we strive to stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language. We help children develop their awareness of cultural differences in our local, national and global communities, and we strive to give our children the opportunities to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work is often carried out in languages other than English.

We embed the listening, speaking, reading and writing skill necessary to enable children to use and apply their French learning in a variety of contexts and which lays the foundations for future language learning.

In addition, we believe that understanding a modern foreign language increases a child’s understanding of their own language, and the building blocks which form this. The process of learning a foreign language reinforces fluency and understanding of grammar, syntax, sentence structure and verbal precision. Increased capability in the use of languages can also promote initiative and independent learning and encourages diversity within society.



Our MFL curriculum, in KS2, is designed to progressively develop children’s knowledge and skills in languages through regular taught lessons. We follow a comprehensive schemes of work written by language specialists Simone Haughey and Belinda Dean at Kapow Education, and these cover all aspects of the MFL curriculum: speaking, listening, reading, writing and cultural understanding.

Children progressively acquire, use and apply a growing bank of vocabulary organised around topics. Activities can consist of actions, rhymes, stories, song, drama, dictionary work, book making and many more creative ways to extend, embed and combine language skills.  As confidence and skill grows, children record their work through pictures, captions and sentences.



Our MFL curriculum is fun and enjoyed by learners, well-resourced and planned to demonstrate progression through Key Stage 2. In addition, we measure the impact of our curriculum through:

  • Pupil discussions about their learning;
  • Monitoring and reflection against subject-specific skills defined in each year of study;
  • Children applying their knowledge of language to other areas of the curriculum;
  • Children applying their cultural understanding and tolerance across society and cultures

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