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Sports Premium at Dalton School

This school academic year 2023/24 we will receive £20,009 (£16000 plus £10 for every child) to:

  • Develop the PE and sport activities that Dalton School already offers, especially focusing on the broad range of sports that are offered.
  • Ensure that all children participate in sports offered, through extra-curricular activities and out-of-school sporting events.
  • Build and develop the scheme of work and planning of PE, ensuring that the children of Dalton school can benefit from this for years to come.
    We use the funding by:
  • Hiring an in-school football coach and dance coach.
  • Utilising the Pennine Sports Partnership and internal coaches to provide all children with the opportunity to take part in intra-school sporting competitions.
  • To create an updated progressive skills-based approach to PE across the whole school, which will build teacher confidence in teaching PE lessons.
  • Wider access to external sporting competition through the use of funding supporting the booking of transport.
  • Use imoves subscription to ensure well-sequenced and balanced PE lessons from Reception to Year 6.

Overview of spending:

Total funding received for 2023/24



Pennine Sports Partnership membership benefits:

-       Help to develop staff confidence and understanding of what a good PE lesson looks like by coaching staff through a series of PE lessons

-       Upskill staff through regular CPD opportunities

-       Work with Sports Lead to develop a well-sequenced scheme of work which focuses on the skills children need to develop and embed over their time at Dalton School

-       Motivate pupils to take part in sport by regular assembly held by experts in the field of sport

-       To train and provide opportunities for sports leaders

-       To provide access to sporting festivals, such as This Girl Can and Run Throw Catch and The Biggest Football day which gives a broader experience to different sports

-       To increase participation in inter-school PE competitions.

-       To facilitate the school’s participation in National Sports Week.

-       Access high-quality sports coaches that are experts in their field of sport, such as gymnastics and dance

- To provide opportunities and experiences to compete in a local dancing event on stage.


PSP  Annual Membership = £2680 (1st April 2023 – 31st March 2024)

Imoves subscription

-       Provides sequenced scheme of work and PE planning

-       Encourages active learning with daily active blasts

-       Easy to use and access

Imoves subscription = £1196.40 (until June 2024)

Courses provided by specialist sports coaches have already been booked, such as:

  • Dance
  • Mindfulness
  • Scooting
  • Bike ability (additional charges for bikes equipment)
  • Multi-skills after school clubs
  • Paws B

Allocated causes, provided via PSP = £13,500



Spring 2, Summer 1 & 2 – PSP – Afterschool clubs – 19 weeks @ £25 = £475

In-school football coach (Huddersfield Town Foundation and Direct Sports Coaching):

  • Provides education into the intricate rules of football and how to play safely
  • Team-building skills 
  • SEMH support
  • Creating a more active learning environment (English and Maths)
  • Discovering the value of exercise on mental health 

Providing a girls only football group once per week where girls can play the game competitively, in an environment in which they feel safe and secure.

Huddersfield Town Foundation = £6,000


Sports Coach (Direct Sports) = £9590

Transport costs covering access to all festivals and sports competitions over the course of the year.


Equipment needed to deliver quality first teaching.

Allocated transport and equipment costs = £1200

Sports Premium  Document 2023 - 2024