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Year 3 

3 Bamforth/Lewis- Our class teachers are called Miss Bamforth and and our teaching assistant is Miss Keegan and Mrs Robinson

3 Clough - Our class teacher is called Mr Clough and our teaching assistant is Mrs Parr.  


Below is a slideshow showing some examples of the magnificent work our children have produced. This also includes some examples from our 'Well being Wednesday' that we held during Child Mental Health Awareness Week (1st-5th February.)

Year 3 2019-2020

Home Learning 

Take a look at all the amazing home learning we are doing. 


Lockdown Fun!

Take a look at all the fun activities we have been doing during lockdown.

Lucas has been busy in the garden growing lots of different plants. He has grown lettuce , pumpkins, violas, tomatoes and morning glory flowers. The lettuce tasted delicious! Great job Lucas! 

Willem is learning to play the violin. We can wait to hear a tune when we are back at school! 

Summer Term 2 Week 7 

Summer Term 2 Week 6 

Summer Term 2 Week 5 

Summer Term 2 Week 4 

Summer Term 2 Week 3

Summer Term 2 Week 2

Perfect Presentation 

Over the May half term, the children in year 3 presented a piece of writing of their choice and entered it into the perfect presentation competition. 

Well done to our winners Lucas , Myiesha and Evie. Everybody did an amazing job and we are very proud of your presentation. 

Summer Term 2 Week 1 

Summer Term 1 Week 5

Summer Term 1 Week 4 

Summer Term 1 Week 3

Take a look at Ted and Willem's amazing Viking project! 

Ted and Willem have worked very hard to create a scene in Minecraft based around a Viking attack on a monastery.  They have created a Viking longship with some accurate historical details, and built a monastery which is under attack. Amazing work boys. Well done! 

Summer Term 1 Week 2 

Summer Term 1 Week 1 

This week we have started learning about the Vikings. We know that Vikings travelled across the sea on long boats. Look at our amazing home made long boats.  

Week 2

Look at our amazing puppets we have made! 

Week 1 

On Wednesday 25th March, we used natural materials to create sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Look at our amazing art!

On Tuesday 24th March we created fact files about Andy Goldsworthy. Here are some brilliant examples. 

During our home learning, we participate in a physical activities every day.  This helps to keep our brains active and get us ready to learn. 

Here are some pictures of us exercising at home. 



This half term,  year 3 have learnt how to multiply and divide. We used lots of equipment to help us show arrays for multiplication and sharing and grouping for division.  


3Smith enjoyed singing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in French.

Maths Outside

We love to go outside and learn especially in maths. We used chalk to help us draw number lines to represent the timetables and show our understanding of numbers from 0 to 1000. 

World Book Day 2018!
3Smith really enjoyed world book day this year. We all dressed up as our favourite characters, we did a morning full of drama activities and in the afternoon we made our own character profiles of who we were. 

The Vikings

Last half term we learnt all about the Vikings. We performed a Viking musical to the school and our parents.

We visited York for the day as well. Whilst we were there we went to the Jorvik Museum which smelt horrible. We went to the dig where we were archaeologist and found lots of artifacts from hundreds of years ago. We even learnt all about battle combat and how the vikings used to fight. We got to hold shields and swords they were very heavy. 

Viking Art

In 3 Scargill we used charcoal and chalk pastels to create our own vicious vikings. Are you scared?

Pablo Picasso Artwork

In the Summer Term we looked at the Mediterranean. We studied the artist Pablo Picasso and created our own Picasso inspired portraits.  


In 3Smith we designed and made our own volcanoes. We researched how to make them erupt and had a go ourselves. 

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

We have studied the text and as part of our homework 3 Scargill designed and made 3D models of the Iron Man. They are all very different and some of them even light up. 

Andy Goldsworthy - Artwork

In 3 Scargill we have learnt about Andy Goldsworthy, a living artist. He works with natural materials to make amazing sculptures and pictures. We collected natural materials from the school grounds and made our own creatures linked to our class text called Mouse Bird Snake Wolf.  We also created our own designs.