Dalton School Junior Infant And Nursery

From little acorns, mighty oaks will grow

Mayfield Avenue, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD5 9HN
Contact: Mrs H Valentine (Office Manager)

01484 538729


Governing Body & Committees

Register of Business Interests 2021-2022

Name Date of Appointment  Term of Office Body Appointed By Governor Type Relevant Business Interests Any other Educational Organisations Governed  Relationships with the School Staff
Hannah Bamforth 09.10.19 4yrs Full Governors Staff None None None
Jane Bates 19.10.20 4yrs Full Governors Co-opted Yes None None
Jason Bates 13.10.20 4yrs Full Governors Co-opted None None None
Karen Gratino 11.10.17 4yrs Full Governors Co-opted None Yes None
Susan Mallinson 17.07.17 4yrs Full Governors Associate None None None
Ian Richardson 01.01.15 - Full Governors Head Teacher None None None
Sarah Rose 07.10.20 4yrs Full Governors Parent None None None
Joanna Smith 26.01.22 4yrs Full Governors Parent      
Eileen Torr 16.10.17 4yrs Full Governors Local Authority None None None
Emma Walsh 01.09.12 - Full Governors Associate None None None
Debbie Whitfield 09.10.19 4yrs Full Governors Co-opted None None None
Emma Woodward 26.01.22 4yrs Full Governors Co-opted      


Note:  Associate Members do not have any voting rights.

Areas of Responsibility

Committee Structure 2021/22

Steering S & E Resource Staffing Teacher Appraisal Pupil Discipline Staff Discipline Appeals Complaints Pay Head Appraisal Safe guarding
Committees Sub Committees (Minimum of 3 governors)
Jason Bates  C V X C X X X C C x
Eileen Torr  X C X X X X X X X
Ian Richarsdon X X X X
Emma Walsh  X X X X
Susan Mallinson  X
Jane Bates  X C X X X X X
Debbie Whitfield  X X X X X X X X
Karen Gratino  X X X X X X X X X X
Hannah Bamforth X          
Sarah Rose X v x x x x x
Joanna Smith              
Emma Woodward              


C = Chair  V = Vice Chair

Governor Roles and Responsibilities 2021/22

Literacy Numeracy Other Curriculum PSHCE, Vulnerable Groups, Children Looked After & Safeguarding Equality Early Years Health & Safety (inc GDPR) Well Being Governor Training Governor Communications
Jason Bates   SPORTS   X       LINK   
Eileen Torr      LINK  LINK        
Ian Richardson                    
Emma Walsh                    
Susan Mallinson                  X  X
Debbie Whitfield      X  X          
Jane Bates             LINK   LINK
Karen Gratino      X  X          
Hannah Bamforth X
Sarah Rose x LINK
Joanna Smith    
Emma Woodward    


Terms of Reference