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About Year 2 

 2 Tee - Our class teachers is called Mrs Tee and our teaching assistant is called Mrs Hirst

2 Butler - Our class teacher is called Miss Butler and our teaching assistant is called Mrs Hirst

1&2 Lightowlers - Our class teachers are called Miss Lightowlers and our teaching assistant is called Mrs Hever

Year 2 

Home Learning

Here we will be sharing some of the work that Year 2 have been doing as part of their home learning!


Here we have some excellent story writing and poetry based on 'Dingo Dog and the Billabong storm' by 2Bamforth and 'Lila and the Secret of Rain'.


Topic work based on Australia  and Kenya 


Science work based on habitats and food chains.


How can we make somebody feel welcome?


We have been looking at different musical instruments and the families that they belong to. 


Art work based on our topics, Australia and Kenya.

Year 2 2019-2020

Home learning 2020

Fun Fridays!

This whole situation with having to stay in and keep away from others who do not live with us can be a very testing time.  It feels very strange not to see our friends, and this can be stressful.

So, we decided that Fridays would be full of fun.  We would plan lots of activities that the children could do and let their imaginations take them to exciting places!

Home learning 2020

Under The Sea

Home learning 2020


108 years ago on 10th April 1912, the world's largest and most luxurious ocean liner set sail from Southampton to New York... except, it never made it to New York. Titanic was the most incredible ship ever built at the time and has gone down (no pun intended) in history as the ship who sank on her maiden voyage.

We have started learning about this most amazing piece of history...

Home learning 2020


The children have been very busy helping out at home with preparing meals and creating healthy fruit plates as a snack.

Home learning 2020


Home learning 2020


For music, we have set the children a specific piece to listen to, answer some questions on and then draw a picture (a visualisation) of what they imagine when they hear the music.  It is interesting to see that although sometimes children have different ideas about what images come to mind, but similar themes can be found.

Home learning 2020

Well being

During these strange times, where families are home schooling and facing restrictions, it can become difficult and stressful. It is important that we take time to do other activities that make us really happy. Some of our children (and staff!) have been sharing photos of them looking after their mental health and physical health. Keep it up everyone.

Home learning 2020


Spring is in the air! We may have to be doing our learning at home but we have been inspired by Spring poetry. What lovely images, and how hard these children have tried with their handwriting! We also love how our children are enjoying reading, handwriting and completing other tasks such as writing commands, working with homophones and creating story maps. The story maps are then being used to produce a piece of diary writing.

In week 2, we have been working on lots of spellings and instructions. One task we had was to write a set of instructions for how to draw a face.

We thought that as this is such an important time in our history ('unprecedented times'), we should make a record of it somehow. So we did a piece of work imagining we are writing a letter to the pupils of Dalton School 2040. We would let them know what these times were really like; the good and the bad.

Hansel and Gretel has been a source of inspiration for some more English work with a story plan and picture leading to some very descriptive writing.  What sort of sweetie house can you imagine?

Home learning 2020


During our home learning, we have been continuing to learn about fractions. In our first week, we practised how to find a fraction of an amount. 

Mrs Brook has been busy practising her odd and even numbers. She has used a set of dominos with her learning today!  Some of our children have been working on odds and evens too!


We have also worked on partitioning numbers in different ways. Fantastic!


And on top of all this, we are still practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to practise our times tables. Mrs Lancelot showed us all an example of how we could do this, while getting out in the sunshine and helping ourselves to keep fit at the same time!


We are so clever in Year 2. In week 2 we have been doing about division!


And then just because we are so clever in Year 2, we took our division work and applied it to more advanced fractions work! Brilliant!


Following this, we worked on measurement, starting with a challenge of having to make our own tape measure so that we could measure 1m accurately.


Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man's world... indeed. We have been learning about money as well as keeping up with all our fractions, measuring, greater than and less than etc etc!

Home learning 2020

The Royal Family

During our home learning, we have been set tasks based on the topic we were doing at school which was The Royal Family. 

  • We produced portraits of the Queen, having been inspired by Andy Warhol's 'Reigning Queens' where he produced 4 silkscreen prints of our queen.
  • We designed a pair of knickers for the Queen. This activity came from a reading of The Queen's Knickers by Nicholas Allen where we saw that the Queen has a pair of knickers for every occasion! 
  • We looked at rewriting the National Anthem. Have a go at singing the new versions!
  • We were asked about our favourite invention during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II (since 1952 to present day)
  • We have also looked at the Royal Family and how they are related, then drew out our own family tree.

October 2019

A Visit to the Library

To finish off our jam packed first half term, we visited Rawthorpe and Dalton Library on Ridgeway.  Did you know it is also an information and children's centre? Our staff were so proud of how the children behaved: they walked to and from the library very sensibly and showed excellent manners to the library staff when they were there.  The children enjoyed a story, read by Jude the librarian and were given a chance to explore the huge range of books available at the library. There was time for a quick picture and sharing some of our favourite books before we had to return to school. Some of our children already have library cards. If you don't have one, pop along to your local library and start taking advantage of such a wonderful (and free!) service.

The Paper Bag Princess

Our children have absolutely loved studying The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.  As well as reading, the children have done lots of drama work, writing, characterisation work and have made their own puppets to make other stories with similar characters. They took these home in a paper bag! Fantastic work, everyone.

The trees are alive!

A Science Investigation

In October, the children went to Ravensknowle Park to investigate the statement, 'The bigger the leaf, the bigger the tree.'  As well as collecting leaves, measuring leaves and using string to help measure the size of the trees, the children also had identification charts to read to be able to identify which type of tree it was according to the appearance of the leaf.  Everyone had a great time; their learning was lots of fun! AND there were conkers everywhere!

Great Fire of London


 As part of our learning about the Great Fire of London, we created a dance. This tells the story of someone experiencing the fire. It starts with getting ready for bed and settling down to sleep. Then the fire starts! The children represent the flames by using all parts of their body and making it look angry and spiky. As the wind takes hold, the fire spreads quickly and panic hits the city as people try to escape. Some people get into boats, taking all that they can carry. The children finish by showing how some houses are knocked down or even blown up using gunpowder to try and stop the fire.

18th September 2019... or is it 1666?

A visit from Sir William Petty

For the first half of our new Autumn term, the children have been learning about the Great Fire of London in 1666.  This included background information about the Great Plague (or 'Black Death') to give them a bit of an insight about what life was like about 350 years ago and how it compares to today.

Samuel Pepys's friend, Sir William Petty, came to visit the children to help them bring their learning to life.  He showed them maps, had the children demonstrating how easily the fire spread, made bucket chains with the children and even turned sparks into a flame! How very exciting and special; it's not every day you get a time traveller coming into school!

5th July 2019

Key Stage 1 Sports Day

Finally, the rainy days stopped and we were able to hold our annual Key Stage 1 Sports Day.  The children very much enjoyed taking part in all the events: penalty shoot out, relay race, hurdles, bean bag throw and cross country run.  The children certainly deserved their refreshment break!  Thank you to all the family and friends who could attend to support the children.

May - June 2019


The children in Year 2 have very much enjoyed learning about the Titanic. This topic has covered all sorts of skills from completing timelines of events, looking at the evidence of primary and secondary sources to creative writing in role, imagining we were Rosa Abbott (a third class passenger survivor). The children were given a homework project to produce something of their choice based on Titanic. Below are some beautiful examples of what our children can achieve! Impressive work, Year 2; keep it up!

February - March 2019

Huddersfield Giants Rugby

Year 2 are very lucky to have the expertise of the Huddersfield Giants helping them to learn and hone their skills. They have been learning rugby techniques with the ball and practising how to improve their reaction times with fun games.

What a fantastic opportunity!

The Giants have already commented on how excellently behaved our children are! Everyone has been having an amazing time and we are thrilled to be doing this.

Nativity - December 2018

'Are we nearly there yet?'


What an exceptional performance! Our staff, parents and carers were so proud of how well we performed in front of an audience.  This play told the story of the nativity but in a unique way! The children performed with confidence and excitement, bringing a true sense of Christmas to the school.

November 2018

African Drumming Workshop

Year 2 took part in a workshop to learn about African rhythms and drumming techniques. They learned about the culture of tribes in Africa and put together pieces to perform in front of an audience. 

In the drumming, they learned how to use bass and tone on the Djembe drums while holding the drums in a tilted position to get the best sound out of them. 

The children used listening and repeating techniques to learn different rhythms that fitted together to make a final piece.

To add to the excitement, children were invited to include a dance that culminated in a 'chauffement', literally meaning 'getting hot' with a jump to end the dance. 

It was an amazing day! The children were so engaged and have learnt some fantastic musical skills.  

October 2018

A Trip to the Park!

Year 2 had a fantastic afternoon. We went up to Ravensknowle Park to look at different trees and their leaves. We learnt the names of lots of various trees and were able to identify different trees using their leaves to help us. 

We used to information we collected to investigate whether the size of the leaf was comparable to the size of the tree. 




We listened to William Petty tell us about the Great Fire of London and what it was like to be there at the time. He showed us on a map, the areas of London which were burnt down, how people felt and how they reacted. We did experiments to show how the fire spread and the best way to get water to a burning area.

Images below from 2017/2018

Children from 2 Bradnum/Lewis and 2 Butler recently (May 2017) made the long trip to The Sealife Centre in Blackpool.  We had a brilliant time and saw lots of different fishes (including sharks), starfish and other creatures which live deep down in the ocean.  Pupils were all well behaved and as usual were excellent ambassadors for Dalton School.  Well Done!!


Year 2 children presented an assembly, all about Africa.  

Here are some fantastic pieces of homework that the children were proud to show: