Dalton School Junior Infant And Nursery

From little acorns, mighty oaks will grow

Mayfield Avenue, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD5 9HN
Contact: Mrs H Valentine (Office Manager)

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Honeysuckle provides a safe and confidential place for pupils and parents at Dalton School.

Five members of staff at our school have unique roles in offering skilled and appropriate support to pupils and their families. 


Inclusion Manager and SENCO - Julie Imrie.  Mrs Imrie oversees inclusion, SEND and safeguarding at Dalton School.  Mrs Imrie is based in Olive and works closely with our pastoral team:


Learning Mentor – Elaine Eastwood.  Mrs Eastwood provides confidential and individual support to pupils experiencing difficulties at school and, in some cases, at home for a variety of reasons.  Mrs Eastwood works hard to improve parent and school relationships and to overcome the barriers to learning, in a safe and caring environment.


School Community Liaison – Angela Beaumont.  

Mrs Beaumont enhances opportunities and raises the aspirations of families and the wider community, in offering workshops and courses to parents and improving attendance and punctuality at our school.   She also follows up any attendance issues on a daily basis. 

Mrs Beaumont also works hard in fundraising for Dalton School, along with The Friends Of Dalton. 

In addition to this, Mrs Beaumont runs the highly successful and valued Tots Group on a Tuesday morning, as well as the Terrific Two's group on a Friday morning. Mrs Beaumont is the teacher in Nursery when Mrs Cole is working elsewhere in school (Wed PM and Thurs)


Behaviour Support Workers (BSWs)– Linda Brook and Lorraine Elliott.  Our BSWs improve pupils' behaviour at school -   together they reduce possibilities of exclusions and work with parents of pupils with challenging behaviour.  This is achieved by providing alternative strategies to help with behaviour and providing a safe “Time Out” space for pupils to calm down and reflect. Both Mrs Brook and Mrs Elliott have 1:1 sessions with pupils who need extra support and they help learning in class with the strategies they use to support behaviour management.  



Pupils released balloons during the final week of Grief and Loss Group.  Eight children chose to take part in a six week programme where they have a chance to share thoughts and concerns in a happy and safe place.  Children learn good communication skills.