Dalton School Junior Infant And Nursery

From little acorns, mighty oaks will grow

Mayfield Avenue, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD5 9HN
Contact: Mrs H Valentine (Office Manager)

01484 538729



Headteacher: Mr Ian Richardson 

 Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Emma Walsh 

 Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs J Myers (Mon-Wed am) & Mrs J Imrie (Wed pm- Fri)

Special Educational Needs Lead Teacher(s): Mrs J Imrie & Miss S Butler 





Mrs. N. Cole (EYFS Lead Teacher)


Miss C Stoker

Mrs N Metcalfe

Miss G Underdhill


Miss T Donnelly (Curriculum Lead & KS1 Lead Teacher)

Miss B Chaplin



Year One/TWO

Miss H Bamforth


Year Two

Miss S Butler (SEN/D Lead teacher) & Miss I Peacock

Miss J Dobson


Year Three

Mrs H Tee

Miss L Normington

Year Four

Mrs E Wood & Mrs A Lewis

Miss K Dokrat

Year Five

Miss H Blaylock

Mrs K Walker

Year Six

Mr B Smitten (KS2 Lead Teacher)

Miss N Capewell (P.E & Sports Premium Lead)




Nursery Support

Mrs B Collins

Ms D Moxon 

Mrs E Brook

Reception Support

Miss C Parr

Mrs L Mariani  (Nursery Nurse)

Miss N Brook

Mrs N Bent

Year One Support

Mrs A Hever

Mrs L Windle

Year One/Two Support

Mrs L Hirst

Mrs K Robinson

Year Two Support

Mrs R Lancelot

Mrs E Thompson

 Year Three Support

Mrs M Brook

Mrs A Carr


Year Four Support

Mrs B Chakrobarti

 Miss B Kirkwood

Year Five Support

Mrs S Woodhams

Mrs A Mannifield (HLTA)

Mrs Y Browne

Ms C Swannick

Year Six Support

Miss H Scargill

Mrs M Mosedale

Ms K Smith (HLTA)


Reading Support

Mrs K Smith


PPA Cover

Mr R Wood

Mrs L Allder

Ms K Smith (HLTA)

Miss C Mackenzie (Cover Supervisor & Thrive Trained Practitioner) 

Mrs R Lancelot (HLTA)



Qualified Teacher of the Visual Impaired

Mrs M Gregory (Lead Teacher)

Mrs D Whitfield

Mrs J Taaffe

Mr E Parkes 


Braille and Resource Technician

Ms R Carter


VI Support and Outreach

Miss C Foster

Mrs A Ewart

Mrs T Akhtar


VI Support in School

Miss R Carter

Mrs M Mills

Mrs Y Lock

Mrs L Sellers

Mrs K Moore (Thrive Trained Practitioner)


Mobility Officers

Mr S Adams

Mrs M Logush


Lunchtime Supervisor's for VI

Mrs S Akram

Mrs K Robinson


Learning Mentor & Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs E Eastwood


Behaviour Support

Mrs L Elliott  (Manager & Thrive Trained Practitioner)

Mrs L Brook (Thrive Trained Practitioner)

Miss C Mackenzie (Thrive Trained Practitioner)



School Business Manager

Mrs S Mallinson


Office Manager

Mrs H Valentine


Business Support Assistants

Mrs C Jackson

Mrs S Hallas


Senior Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs R Gerrard - KS2

Mrs C Swannick - EYFS and KS1


School Site Manager

Mr D Taylor


School Cook

Mrs M Pogson


School IT Manager

Mr J Fowler


Staffing Structure and Responsibilities 2021-2022