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Year 6 2020-2021

6 Wolfenden - Miss Wolfenden is our class teacher and Miss Kirkwood is our teaching assistant. 

Luckie - Mrs Luckie is our class teacher and Mrs Mosedale is our teaching assistants.

 Home Learning: 'SHOUT OUTS' go to...

  • Arlan worked super hard yesterday and completed his maths work and his Macbeth reading journal! Fabulous work, Arlan! :). Today, he also got an early start on some of the activities that Mr Richardson has set.  Check out what he sent in below! :)
  • Lily H completed the calculation blast and did brilliantly!  We were so impressed that she has remembered the calculation methods that we have learnt so far this year! :)
  • Samia sent her maths work in and her reading journal and has clearly tried very hard!  
  • Shafan sent in his maths work and has done brilliantly in his calculation blast! :)
  • Haleema sent in her letter from Macduff to Mabeth, as well as her maths work!  Her letter, in particular, is absolutely fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! 

Spring 2 Week 1 Home Learning:

'SHOUT OUTS' go to...

  • Zack has sent in some work he has completed on spread sheets- very impressive indeed! He's ready to set up and manage the finances for his own events planning business! 
  • Shafan and Samia have sent in their 'volume' maths work!  They have both smashed it and have achieved well!
  • Subhan submitted his reading journal and I was BLOWN AWAY by how accurate his responses to the questions were. He expertly navigated his way around the text to find his answers- this young man continues to shine... :)
  • Shafan and Samia have both been working exceptionally hard again! they have done a magnificent job of their reading journals! Again, these two continue to make us very, very proud! 
  • Logan submitted his maths work and he also wrote a fantastic letter from Macduff to Macbeth!  It's most definitely worth a read! :)

Subhan's reading journal! :)

Week 6 Home Learning: 'SHOUT OUTS' go to...

  • Samia has sent in her reading journal and her maths work...she has clearly got the hang on nets of 3D shapes! :)
  • Isha has had a go at 'Better' and is starting to get her head around nets of 3D shapes! 
  • Shafan has also sent in his 3D shapes work and his reading journal- he seems to have understood everything, which is fab! 
  • Haleema sent in lots of her fabulous work today, which included: her planning sheet for her Macbeth Vs Lady Macbeth discursive argument; her discursive argument; her 3D shapes properties and her Macbeth reading journal! 
  • Jovi has been working hard today and has sent in her maths work!  Awesome effort Jovi! :) 
  • Sarah has been working hard trying to master nets of 3D shapes! Fabulous work, Sarah! 
  • Darcy has been incredibly busy:  she has sent in her reading journal, her maths work, her RE work and her mum also informs me that she's been learning life skills, which include baking and painting her nails! 
  • Logan has submitted his maths work and understands all there is to know about nets of 3D shapes! Woop! 
  • Subhan has submitted his reading journal and I can honestly say that his detailed responses and deep understanding of the text is SO impressive.  It is an absolute joy to see him working as hard at home as he would in school!  What a star! :)
  • Lily H has been smashing the 3D shapes work and her newspaper report! Awesome effort as always, Lily! :) :) 
  • Faiq today submitted the entire amount of work that he has completed so far in English and maths- he's been working hard indeed!
  • Jovi brought a smile to my face today and as part of well-being Wednesday, she has learnt how to iron patches on to a jacket AND even had time to make a Chicken Tikka curry for her sister...she wasn't keen on cutting the chicken but we bet her curry tasted AMAZING! Check out the pictures of her ironing skills below! She also sent in her reading journal!  It's a good job it's half term next week, Jovi, you're going to need a rest! :)
  • Shafan has sent in his maths work- both Best and BYM.  He has absolutley smashed this work! :) 
  • Jason has been super busy with all of his reading journal work and angles problems!
  • Eisa has been busy reading and practising maths papers.
  • Shafan and Samia have made a superb fort for their well-being Wednesday afternoon!!!


Starring: Jovi

Shafan and Samia

Our collection of work this week:

Subhan's sensational Reading journal! 

Week 5 Home Learning: 'SHOUT OUTS' go to...


  • Arlan has been reading Macbeth and he has also been tackling calculating angles in quadrilaterals! He even had time to venture outdoors for some PE- on a glorious day like this, it'd be rude not to!  Great work, Arlan! 
  • Isha sent in her maths work and has been calculating angles in quadrilaterals :)
  • Shafan has sent in his English reading journal work, as well as his maths work and has very successfully managed to calculate angles in a range of polygons! 
  • Samia has been busy cracking on with her maths and English work- as always, they were completed to an excellent standard! :)
  • Lily H has submitted her maths work and has done very well once again!  Thank you for working so hard, Lily! :)
  • Sania has sent in her maths work and it was all correct- you got a full house Samia- well done! :)
  • It's Tuesday and Arlan continues to show excellent dedication to his learning...he's completed his maths corrections from yesterday and is brushing up on his times table knowledge on TTRockstars!
  • Logan has sent in his math work and his balanced argument!  He has tried really hard and it is definitely worth a read! 
  • Isha has sent in her reading journals, as well as her maths work! Awesome work Isha! :)
  • Ellie has sent in her reading journal and also her maths work!  Great work as always, Ellie!
  • Lily H has submitted her maths work- which was BYM and very challenging!
  • Samia and Shafan completed their reading journals and sent in their work! 
  • On Wednesday, Arlan submitted the planning sheets for his newspaper!  We can't wait to read the finished product! 
  • Sarah has submitted her maths and has achieved brilliantly!
  • Ellie has submitted her plan for her newspaper report and her maths work! She's smashing home learning at the moment! :)
  • Shafan has been busy and has sent in his maths work! A tremendous effort as always! :)

Logan's balanced argument:

Ellie's newspaper plan and maths:

 Math day 27.docDownload
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Shafan's maths work:

Week 4 Home Learning: 'SHOUT OUTS' go to...

  • Thomas, Taaliyah and Harris have produced an amazing model replica of the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s plays were first performed! It is incredible!
  • Daniel has sent in his maths, music and topic work.
  • Ellie has sent her maths, English and Shakespeare project work - check out her writing…it is amazing.
  • Jason has been completing a lot of maths and English.
  • Jovi has been mega busy with her maths and English work - her writing was brilliant too!
  • Zack has created another one of his funny and informative presentations.
  • Samia has sent in her maths work.
  • Darcy has had a very productive week, completing her English, maths, music, RE, Shakespeare project and spelling work.
  • Eisa has been working hard through some maths and grammar papers.
  • Haleema has been busy with her maths work again!
  • Joel has been powering through the maths and English work.
  • Lily H has sent her maths work in.
  • Logan has also sent in his maths work.
  • Subhan has also completed his maths and English work. You need to read his writing!
  • Jovi has been exremely busy with her maths work!
  • Samia has also been busy with her maths work and has sent in some of her reading journal too.
  • It's clearly a day for maths as Eisa has also been in touch, sending his maths work - he's also been reading too.
  • Shafan is not one to be left out when sending work; he's sent in his maths and English work.
  • Eisa has been in touch with even more maths work.
  • Haleema has also sent in her maths work!
  • Jamie has been extremely busy - he's been completing maths work, his English work and he's also found time to paint a picture of the battlefield!
  • Jovi has been busy too. She has created a poster for RE, done her English and completed absolutely loads of maths work :)
  • Lily H has been completing her maths work, with great accuracy.
  • Samia is sending in her maths and English work on a regular basis!
  • Sania has also been in contact to send in her maths work.
  • The same goes for Sarah who also has sent in her maths work :)
  • There must be a lot of competition in the Saqib household as Shafan has been very busy too, sending in his maths and English work.
  • Not to be left out, Subhan has been very busy indeed with his maths and English work :)
  • Heidi has sent in her planning for the balanced argument. I can't wait to see what she produces!
  • There's a lot of competition from our newest member of Year 6 though...Al-Hassan has sent in a mountain of work. Keep working hard Al-Hassan!
 Ellie - English 1.docxDownload
 Ellie - maths 1.docxDownload
 Ellie - maths 2.docxDownload
 Haleema - maths 3.pdfDownload
 Joel - English 1.pdfDownload
 Joel - maths 1.pdfDownload
 Lily H - maths 1.docxDownload
 Subhan - English 1.docxDownload
 Subhan - maths 1.docxDownload
 Zack - Shakespeare presentation.pptxDownload
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 Al-Hassan - maths 1.docxDownload
 Al-Hassan - maths 2.docxDownload
 Al-Hassan - maths 3.docxDownload
 Al-Hassan - maths 4.docxDownload
 Al-Hassan - maths 5.pdfDownload
 Al-Hassan - maths 6.docxDownload
 Al-Hassan - maths 7.docxDownload
 Heidi - English 1.docxDownload
 Lily H - maths 1.docxDownload
 Lily H - maths 1.docxDownload
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Week 3 Home Learning: 'SHOUT OUTS' go to...

  • Ted has cracked on and has made an early start today, already submitting two lots of his maths angles work!  Great work ethic, Ted! :)
  • Shafan and Samia have also submitted their angles work, as well as some of their reading journal work and they were very accurate in their measurements and in their answers! :) Super awesome effort, Shafan and Samia! 
  • Lily H has submitted her maths work too and has clearly tried very hard! :)
  • Sarah has submitted her angles work and absolutley smashed it! :) 
  • Arlan has been busy reading and has tackled some tricky angles work!
  • Haleema has also sent in her angles work and was very accurate in her measurements- impressive stuff, Haleema! 
  • Jamie has been working super, super hard and even got his cat involved in the action...check out the picture below! 
  • Taaliyah, who has been working at school this week, has provided us with a fabulous video, teaching us how to measure angles...in braille! How fantastic is that?! Impressive stuff Taaliyah! :) Check out her 'how to' video by following this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15-wmqSVqfZdJ_xFEdhaVd4d2jO0R_6FC/view?usp=sharing
  • Samia, Shafan and Eisa have all sent in the work they have been doing on 'angles'!  Shafan and Samia sent in their plans for their letters to Lady Macbeth and Eisa sent in his very thoughtful responses to his reading journal! I was thrilled to receive all of this work and to see just how hard you guys have worked! We're so proud of you all! 
  • Sarah and Arlan submitted their maths work and have been working really hard to calculate missing angles on a straight line. Fabulous stuff guys!
  • Ellie and Zack have submitted MOUNTAINS of work, which took rather a long while to go through- it was totally worth the time spent looking through it all!  What a marvellous collection of work this was- these two have continued to go above and beyond and I'm super proud! 
  • Jason has been absolutely smashing his angles work this week and he has really pushed himself! Mr Smitten is thrilled with you! :) 
  • Lily H informed me that she had completed her reading journal!  Great stuff Lily! 
  • Dan the man handed in his fabulous angles work that I know he tried really hard on! He pushed himself to complete the 'Best' and 'BYM' activities! :)
  • Isha got in touch about her maths work- and although a bit of clarification was needed, after a video message, she is well on her way to achieving excellence! 
  • Logan submitted his angles work, as well as a very well-written letter to Lady Macbeth. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your letter, Logan!  Check it out for yourself, by scrolling down! 
  • On Friday, Arlan sent in his fabulous letter to Lady Macbeth!  It's really worth a read! :)
  • Darcy has had an extremely busy week:  She sent in her Macbeth reading journal; her music journal; research about Shakespeare; her RE work; she had time to make some buns and has recently developed an obsession for 'Titanic'! She'll need a weekend just to recover from all these activities!!
  • Sarah sent in her calculation blast! :)
  • Jovi sent in her calculation blast, which has loads of working out on the page...like a Mathematical Picasso! She also wrote an entertaining letter to Macbeth! :) 
  • Subhan sent in his reading journal work and demonstrated an excellent understanding of Macbeth- using evidence to back up his ideas!  He has also written an AWESOME letter to Lady Macbeth...check it out, below! 
  • Ellie sent in her letter to Lady Macbeth- it was very well written and enjoyable to read.  She really understood what thoughts would be occupying Macbeth's mind!  She has also been completing her angles work, too! Busy lady!
  • Joel has sent in his maths work for the past few weeks!
  • Shafan has sent in more of his maths work!

Lily H and Logan : 

Week 2 Home Learning: 'SHOUT OUTS' go to...

  • Ellie has completed both the maths and English tasks for today. She provided some very thoughful answers in her reading journal and got all of her answers correct in maths!
  • Lily H has been busy with her maths work today, completing both Best and BYM: part 1.
  • Isha has also been tackling the maths task BYM: part 1 today and has done extremely well. On Thursday she sent in her maths timetable work- all correct!  Isha will have no problem catching a train on time :)
  • It's been a busy day for maths it seems with Shafan and Samia also sending in their maths task for 'Best'.
  • Heidi has been working up a storm in Maths - she has worked from Basic, right up to BYM...what a terrific effort! 
  • Amelia has sent in lots of work to us - she's been completing her maths and English work!
  • Daniel has sent in his report on the Sahara Desert and he's got some really interesting facts in there! He has also been tackling the Macbeth reading journal and has learnt lots of new words! 
  • Ellie has been working hard once again and has sent in more English and maths work! On Thursday Ellie submitted her battle scene writing!  It is incredible- so descriptive and uses language brilliantly to establish the perfect 'tone' and 'mood'.  It's definitely worth a read!  check it out below:
  • William has also been working through the time activities.
  • Zack has created a fabulous presentation about Christianity. His presentation made me smile...it's definitely worth checking out! He has also sent in all the maths work he has been doing- which is a copious amount! He's been working so incredibly proud!
  • Lily H and Shafan are back with more maths work - keep it up! Lily H also spotted a few errors that we had made! 
  • Eisa has read Chapter 1 of Macbeth and has made a start on his reading journal! :)
  • Jason has been in contact, sending us his brilliant report on the African Savannah and some of his maths work he's done on 'time'.
  • Lily H is back once more with more excellent maths work and Sarah has been getting involved too!
  • Darcy has had a busy week - check out all of the maths and reading journal work she has been completing!
  • Ellie has sent in her writing and more maths work.
  • Haleema has had a busy week also. She has been writing, completing reading journals and her maths work. She also found time to play in the snow!
  • Jovi has sent in her battlefield writing and her maths work. Her battlefield writing is definitely worth checking out!
  • Sarah has sent us her maths work for today :)
  • Logan has also sent in his writing and some maths work.
  • Thatunan has been all about the maths today - keep up the good work!

Darcy, Haleema, Jovi, Sarah, Logan and Thatunan

Haleema - battlefield description

Logan - battlefield description

Ellie - maths and battlefield description

Jason and Sarah - maths

Jason - African Savannah report

Lily H - maths: Best, BYM and BYM extension

William, Shafan, Amelia, Daniel,  Isha and Eisa

Lily H - maths

Zack - Christianity presentation

Ellie - maths and reading journal

Daniel's Sahara Desert report

Isha, Samia, Heidi and Shafan - maths

Ellie - English and maths

Lily H - maths

Week 1 Home Learning:  'SHOUT OUTS' go to...

  • On Tuesday, Logan sent in his maths work- he challenged himself and smashed Best and BYM! Awesome effort Logan! 
  • Also on Tuesday, Shafan tackled the tricky algebra work, getting everything on 'Best' correct! Keep up the brilliant effort, Shafan!
  • Amelia achieved brilliantly in her maths work and clearly tried very hard.  She also gave me a taster for her African Savanna work and it's looking great!
  • Daisy tried super hard with her maths work and tackled the tricky algebra that we set! Thank you so much for trying so hard, Daisy! :)
  • On Wednesday, Logan sent in some more maths- as always, he's working really hard!
  • Charlie R, Lily H and Shafan sent in some fabulous maths work, which they clearly tried very hard on! We're proud of your efforts Charlie, Lily and Shafan- well done! :)
  • Jude has been working on TTRockstars, as well as completing his algebra work and has scored brilliantly!
  • Daniel has completed some very detailed Africa research- he has clearly put a great deal of effort in and his report is going to be fab!
  • Ellie has blown me away today with the high standard of work that she has submitted!  I love the fact that she has such high standards of herself at home, even in this strange times!  It's never easy working from home but you have honestly done yourself and your parents proud these past two days, Ellie! check out her work submissions below the slideshow! 
  • Eisa has been cracking on with some times tables work and has been reading- his mum sent a great picture of him emersed in his book! :)
  • Zack has sent in an OUTSTANDING video, telling me all about the rainforest, in particular, the Democratic Republic of Congo!  It is full of interesting information and it is so well written and narrated by Zack; I am super proud of him :). Check out his video below! It's fabulous! 
  •  Haleema has been busy and has sent in some maths work and her completed report on the Congo rainforest! It is packed full of interesting information.  Look below the pictures and give it a read! 
  • Samia and Sarah from 6S sent in some of their algebra work!  You're working hard girls and I'm really impressed by both of your efforts! :)
  • William has sent in some very detailed research all about the Sahara Desert!  Excellent work, Will! :) 
  • Keira has also sent in some algebra maths work!  Awesome work Keira! :)
  • Samia has sent in more algebra work and some work all about the rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo! It's very much worth a read!  :)
  • Ted has sent in his algebra work from this week!  He has done a wonderful job and worked extremely hard, making his parents and us very proud! :)
  • On Thursday and Friday, Logan sent in his algebra work and his completed rainforest report about the Democratic Republic of Congo!  It is brilliantly written and very detailed!  I am SO impressed by your efforts, Logan!  You have made me very proud! :). Check his piece of work out below: 
  • Shafan has sent in more algebra work and seems to have really 'gotten to grips' with the tricky work this week!  
  • Ellie has continued to work hard in maths and has sent in more of her algebra work! It hasn't been easy but she has persevered! :)
  • Sarah has sent in more algebra work and her research!  Great stuff Sarah :)
  • It looks like Eisa has been reading again!  This time he's reading Oliver Twist!
  • Lily H has also sent in some more algebra work! :)
  • Jason has sent in loads of maths work that he has been busy completing! Well done Jason! Not an easy thin g to tackle from home but you've done brilliantly well! :)
  • Isha has finished all of her maths work and even found a worksheet about 'time' to get ready for next week's learning! Great thinking, Ish!
  • Joel has been extremely busy with his algebra work and has sent in what he has been doing on 'Best' and 'BYM'. 
  • Amelia has sent in some more work - her algebra work and a fabulous report on the African Savannah! Keep up the good work Amelia!!
  • Ted has been back in contact with us and has sent over his Rainforest report. He's done such a good job so make sure to check it out!

Ted's Rainforest report

Amelia's algebra work and Savannah report

Joel's algebra work

Ellie's work 

 English day 1 savanna.docxDownload
 English day 2 BYM.docxDownload
 Math day 1 BYM.docxDownload
 Math day 2 BEST.docxDownload
 Math day 2 BYM.docxDownload
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Haleema's DRC report

Zack's rainforest report!

Logan's rainforest report: