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Year 6 2020-2021

6 Smitten - Mr Smitten is our class teacher.   Mrs Mosedale is our teaching assistant. 

Markez - Miss Markez is our class teacher.  Miss Scargill and Miss Bent are our teaching assistants.




Year 6 2019-2020

Summer 2 Week 6 (Shout outs go to…)

  • Mia has been smashing her maths work and has also continued reading 'Holes'. She has successfully created a vicious punishment perfume, especially for wardens to use!
  • Ellissia has been keeping super busy and has been working through the 'Transition' work.  She has also created a beautifully coloured rainbow pick axe, capable of making victims faint! It comes with a sturdy handle and can easily be cleaned with wet wipes! I have missed your amazing imagination, Elli! :)

Summer 2 Week 5 (Shout outs go to…)


  • Finley has had another incredibly busy week! He has completed his maths work; designed and written about his lizard, as well as fitting a trip to the zoo in! I am so jealous!!!
  • Kainaat has completed English work alongside creating some fabulous lizard designs. She has also written up her lizard report and has fitted some maths work in too :)
  • Jazmin too has been a busy bee! She has completed a lot of maths work as well as doing some lovely writing and PHSCE work - awesome job Jazmin!
  • Mariam has been getting involved in the lizard action too - be sure to check out her design for her Gila Monster. It looks beautiful!
  • As always, Mia makes an appearance on this list. She has been busy with lizard work like the others and has completed her maths and science work.
  • Chloe is still dancing! She has been completing online lessons and competing in online tournaments - the results of which come out this Sunday! Good luck Chloe!
  • Last but certainly not least is Elise. She has sent in her lizard and some writing and it is absolutely brilliant. You’ve got to read it!
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Summer 2 Week 4 (Shout outs go to....)

  • Finley, has had a busy week.  He has been cracking on with his maths work, he completed the comprehension and he has also been researching the purpose of all out vital organs and how the heart works!  Amazing stuff, Finners. :)
  • Kainaat has been very busy again- she has sent in her maths work; her story opening; science work and some PSHCE. Awesome effort, Kainaat! She has also been working with her brother to complete her science experiment- check out his super neat handwriting. :)
  • Mia has written a fabulous horror story, which is veeeeerrrry creepy! :)  Check it out below the pictures! She has also submitted her science work and the maths algebra work she has been cracking on with this week. :) She has also sent in her 'Holes' letter from Stanley to his mum.  As always Mia, what an outstanding effort you put into your home learning! 
  • Ellissia has been putting in 100% and has been taking on some pratice SATs papers!  Talk about commitment and dedication! 
  • Romaine has sent in his horror story- it's super scary and well worth a read! :)

6Markez: Bubble 1

  • Massive shout out to Kayla this week for her UTTERYLY AMAZING backstory for the 'Francis' writing.  I have been blown away by the quality of her work and am delighted that her 'flair' for writing hasn't gone after 3 months away from school! :) So Proud of her! :) Kayla is clearly making her last few weeks at Dalton count! Awesome stuff! 

Home Learning (Summer Term 2 Week 3) Shout outs go to....

  • Finley has been very busy with his maths, English and transition work. He has also been discovering the meaning of some key terms that are a part of the Judaism religion as well as researching how Shabbat is celebrated and summarising what he has learned about Judaism so far. 
  • Mia has been exploring what makes her scared in time for her horror writing and then has written a great horror piece, including spooky sound effects! She has been keeping her maths work ticking over too. She has also been completing her grammar and transition/PHSCE work.
  • Jazmin has been discussing how ethical the world is currently. She has also completed maths work as well as planning and writing a newspaper report.
  • Kainaat has been cracking on with her maths and English work whilst also completing her transition/PHSCE work.
  • Romaine has sent in some of his maths work.
  • Ben deserves a shout out here too - he completed a maths SAT paper and scored 91 out of 110. What an effort!
  • Ellissia  has sent in some of her percentages work! :)

Home Learning (Summer Term 2 Week 2) Shout outs go to....

  • Finley has been perfecting the division of fractions, as well as multiplying decimals. This week, he has also written about who he would enjoy being shipwrecked with- Adam Sandler was great choice! He has been busy working hard at using apostrophes correctly, too.  An epic effort once again, Finners! 
  • Jazmin has been busy with her English work, including a 'Shipwrecked' piece. She has also been busy with some maths, geography and has been researching whether humanity is becoming less ethical.
  • Mia has been completing her maths work, written her choices for 'Shipwrecked' and created a sketch map of an area - it looks fab! 
  • Kainaat has completed maths and English work - it looks as neat as ever.
  • Ellissia has been busy once again and has sent in all the work she has been doing, which includes: maths, reading, geography and a great explanation for why Gordon Ramsey would make a great person to be shipwrecked with! :)
  • Sarah has once again been tackling some very tricky maths work. :) Great effort!

Home Learning (Summer Term 2 Week 1) Shout outs go to....

  • Finley has been showcasing his awesome mathematical abilities once again and has sent in all the fractions work he has been doing! He has also sent in his reading comprehension answers and enjoyed recapping the learning we have done this year about fossils.  His grammar work has also been on point!  In addition to all this, Finley's time travel story was brilliant, as he actually managed to get bunnies and Mr Miyagi to make an appearance!  Fabulous effort, Finners! :) 
  • Katy sent in a very strategic and creative alternative plan for how the Greeks could have invaded Troy. Great stuff Katy! 
  • Kainaat has been planning a story, completing her maths work and had a go at the music journal!
  • Ellissia has been working hard- she's been tackling the maths work; she's still on with learning German and she wrote a brilliant story about time travel! Excellent work, Elli! :)
  • Mia has been busy with her story writing and produced two fabulous stories. She has also created a great poster about pets in Spanish and has been busy with English, maths and a sketch map of Dalton School!
  • Grace has been busy learning pets in Spanish and has created her own quiz - there are answers underneath if you want to have a go!
  • Jazmin has made a gorgeous sketch map of Dalton School and has been completing her maths and English work.
  • Ben has been powering through his maths work and completing his sketch map work.

Home Learning (21.05.20) Shout outs go to....

  • Ellissia  sent in lots of fantastic work and has been keeping herself very busy indeed.  She completed some lengthy research all about Michael Jordan; she has successfully completed the maths angles work and also completed research about the Hoplites. I loved her alternative plan for invading the city of Troy- she's quite the military strategist! 
  • Libby sent in her Spanish work- she seems to be really getting the hang of it! :)
  • Jazmin sent in some of her maths work and has also planned out an alternative strategy for how the Spartans could have invaded Troy. Great work, Jaz. :)
  • Mia has been busy again. She has used PowerPoint to re-created the Trojan horse story and included a drawing of her battle-plan, which involves a very large deer! She has smashed her maths work and her Spanish revision is also completed!  Fabulous job, Mia. :)
  • Olivia has been cracking on with her maths work!  :) 

Home Learning (20.05.20) Shout outs go to....

  • Jack has sent in his maths work, which he has worked very hard on and also submitted his Spartan application. It was full of vigour and enthusiasm...
  • Finley is working outdoors today and we're not surprised- what gorgeous weather we're having! He's been learning some spellings and he has been going on TT.
  • Jazmin has submitted her Spartan application-it was very well written and showcased all of the attributes required for a Hoplite soldier.  
  • Grace sent in her Hoplite application form.  It was very well written, used humour well and definitely proved that she would make an excellent Spartan soldier. She has also sent in a story and her brochure! Fantastic effort, Grace.
  • Kainaat has submitted some maths work, which she has clearly been working very hard on; she sent in her application, explaining why she is the lady for the job and also dressed up as a Spartan Hoplite, complete with all the accessories required to be a fierce warrior!  

Home Learning (19.05.20)

  • Kayla has sent in a very strong job application to become a Spartan Hoplite- she sounds very qualified indeed! 
  • Mariam has sent in a picture of her Greek shield.  The detail is wonderful and looks like it would have belonged to quite a fearsome warrior!  .
  • Kainaat has been keeping herself very busy and has completed research on the Hoplites, designed and created a fabulous shield and has been cracking on with her maths, too!  Awesome effort, Kainaat!
  • Sarah has been getting on with maths again today.  It was quite a tricky task and it was great how so many of you got in touch to ask questions. Remember we're here so please use us! :)
  • Thank you to Romaine for sending in his Hoplite application. He is confident and believes he is definitely 'The man for the job'. Good luck, Romaine! :)
  • Jazmin has sent in her maths work.  It looks great- she's clearly worked really hard and the presentation of her work is gorgeous too!
  • Mia has been very busy.  She has been cracking on with her maths, she has designed and made her own shield (which looks fabulous) and she even had time to apply for the Hoplite position.  She's hopeful she's got what it takes to become join the Spartans! With the competition mounting...who's it going to be? 
  • Libby has had a busy time, creating her own shield and dagger to protect herself in battle! She has also applied for the job of a Hoplite! :)
  • Katy has submitted her application to be a Hoplite warrior- she seems to have all the positive qualities required. :)

Home Learning (18.05.20)

  • Sarah has been cracking on with her angles maths work!
  • Mia has created a very interesting PowerPoint all about the Olympian, Usain Bolt. There's lots of wonderful information on there- it's definitely worth a look! 
  • Ben had some help with his maths work from his very cute cat, JR!
  • Finley has smashed his maths work, once again.  He seems to have mastered calculating angles in quadrilaterals! Finners also sent in his Greek shield- which has on his initials- in Greek!  Impressive stuff! 
  • Jack created the most colourful Greek shield known to man! :)
  • Katy has been very busy!  She completed her profile all about the Olympian Dominique Dawes and had time to craft a wonderful Greek shield! Great work, Katy!  
  • Oliver H created an absolutely fabulous mosaic style shield. This shield most definitely would have been the envy of the Ancient Greeks!

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Home learning (15.05.2020)

  • Romaine has created a great profile about the Olympian Usain Bolt and made a travel brochure.
  • Mia and her mum have been practising their Spanish skills in a conversation!
  • Kayla has been researching Jessica Ennis and written a fabulous fact-file about her.
  • Finley created a very interesting profile about the Olympian Katarina Johnson-Thompson and he has also been smashing his angles work, in maths!  

Home learning (14.05.2020)

  • Libby has been working hard on her maths learning.
  • Ben has been busy with his maths work and Ancient Greek/Greece learning for the week. He has also had a go at the music journal.
  • Elise has been working her socks off and has designed a beautiful Greek vase, created a mouth-watering menu, made a fact-file about the Olympic Games and written a travel brochure about Naxos.

Home learning (13.05.2020)

  • Mia has adapted two Olympic events to feature aspects of Ancient Greece. You must read this because these events would be great fun to watch! She has also been busy with grammar and maths :)
  • Oliver H has been busy creating a very professional-looking travel brochure for Athens and has created a brand-new Olympic event… ‘Chicken Ball’. I would love to see real Olympians taking part in this event.
  • Finley A has also been researching the javelin event for the Olympics and has created a fab poster!
  • Sarah has sent us in some maths work based on angles.
  • Kayla has produced an interesting information sheet about the Olympic games!
  • Ellissia has been enjoying learning some German and practising her art skills with her mum - keep up the great work Ellissia!
  • Chloe has been busy dancing and learning her 12 times table!

Home learning (12.05.2020)

  • Chloe has been very busy with her maths work, reading and spelling practice - she’s been really cracking on!
  • Kainaat has been completing her maths and grammar work and has created her own travel brochure.
  • Mia has finished her maths work and has also completed her music journal :)
  • Finley A has been a busy bee again with his maths work and has also been powering through grammar.
  • Ellissia has completed her Greek travel brochure for Corfu and created a tasty-sounding Greek menu!
  • Jack R has not been enjoying Wagner’s music and has written a scathing review!

Home learning (11.05.2020)

  • Mia has written a terrific travel brochure for the beautiful island of Crete. She makes it sound like a must-visit place!
  • Rory has also written a top-notch travel brochure for Santorini - he has made it sound so appealing.
  • We have finally managed to get our hands on Grace’s work! I am so glad we did because it is fabulous. She has created a presentation about the Greek God, Hades; created her own Greek Grammar Goddess (Sartelliar) and designed an outfit to go with the description; written her own menu for a Greek restaurant and filmed a wonderful speech about saving the orangutans.
  • Finley A has once again been smashing his maths work in extra speedy time and has also produced a leaflet all about Skiathos in Greece.
  • Emily Shaw has made a vibrant and informative travel brochure about Corfu - it’s definitely worth a read.
  • Sarah has been on with her maths work again :)
  • Katy has been a busy bee with her maths work, creating a brochure and a Greek menu and having fun in the sun for the VE Day celebrations!

Home learning (07.05.2020)

  • Mia has been practising the colours in Spanish, completing some maths work, and designing her own menu - it looks tasty!
  • Rory has also created an appetising menu of his own and has designed his own Ancient Greek vase.
  • Finley has been cracking on with his maths and spelling work.
  • Sarah has been powering through the maths work once again!

Mia - Spanish colours

Home learning (06.05.2020)

  • Ben has completed his maths work, been learning the colours in Spanish, and has created his own Greek menu. He’s also had a dig at a well-known fast food chain for stealing his ideas…look out for the upcoming court case in the news!
  • Libby has been busy creating her own menu too as well as learning the colours in Spanish and creating a lovely poster.
  • Mia has been smashing out the maths today and has managed to complete her comprehension as well. Her Greek vase is gorgeous too!
  • Romaine has been working hard on his handwriting and it shows in his delicious-sounding authentic Greek menu.
  • Oliver H has been showing off his linguistic skills in his video where he practises the colours in Spanish. There are a lot of children who have shown excellent pronunciation and Oliver H is certainly one of them!
  • Kayla has created a very professional-looking Greek banquet menu with some truly delectable dishes!
  • Sarah has sent in some maths work again :)
  • Finley has also created a menu with some fabulous-sounding dishes. It made us hungry just looking at it!!

Home learning (05.05.2020)

  • Finley has been smashing his maths work! He finished the task today in a record 12 minutes and 19 seconds! He also designed a beautiful vase! Fabulous work, Finners!
  • Erin used clay to create a wonderful Greek vase! It's definitely worth checking out!
  • Sarah and Ben have sent in some maths work. 
  • Kainaat has been very busy again creating her own Greek menu and beautifully decorating her own vase!

Home learning (04.05.2020)

  • Jack has been busy creating a Greek pot out of clay!  It's fabulous- check it out!
  • Kayla designed and coloured in a gorgeous picture of a Greek vase!
  • Ellissia has been busy learning about the Greeks.  She wrote about Aphrodite and also drew the Greek symbols that relate to the different Gods and Goddesses. She has also tackled learning the Spanish colours!
  • Ben has been cracking on with his maths work and designed a Greek vase.
  • Chloe has been extremely busy! She has been doing reading comprehensions, she drew a Greek vase and has been doing LOADS of maths.  She's even had time to practise a dance solo!  Great work Chloe!  
  • Kainaat has sent in her maths and a reading comprehension!
  • Jazmin has been doing her maths work and a reading comprehension. She also sent in a picture of a lovely Greek vase that she designed! 
  • Jack W sent in pictures of him practising some Karate moves. 


Home learning (01.05.2020)

  • Elise has been learning her numbers in Spanish and created a lovely poster to help her remember them. :)
  • Sarah, once again, has been smashing her maths!
  • Kayla enjoyed dressing up as a Grammar Goddess...we're not sure her sister shared her enthusiasm!
  • Katy has kept active and took part in a Joe Wicks workout with her sister. She's also been perfecting her baking skills and made her mum a delicious looking birthday cake! Happy Birthday, Katy's mum! :)
  • Erin has produced a gorgeous piece of work about the Ancient Greeks and the Goddess, Hestia! She has also been doing brilliantly with the maths revision activities! Awesome work, Erin!
  • Mia has been super busy and has created her Goddess of Grammar - Efimia - you certainly would not want to get on her bad side…she seems like she doesn’t have time for any nonsense! Mia has also been practising her Spanish numbers 1-20 and been helping out around the house. Keep up the great work Mia!
  • Kainaat has been keeping on top of her maths, created a Grammar Goddess and has been playing with her brothers. They look like they’ve been having a great time!
  • Ben has also been getting involved with the Grammar God Ananim! 

Home learning (30.04.2020)

  • Libby has created her poster based on the Spanish numbers 1-20 and has dressed up as her own Greek Goddess - she looks amazing!
  • Oliver H has made an excellent looking presentation on the Ancient Greek Titan - Chronos!
  • Rory has created a poster about the Goddess Athena and has been practising his Spanish numbers 1-20.
  • Jazmin has been working brilliantly with her sister to create her own Greek Grammar Goddess - check out the amazing job they have done!
  • Kainaat has done a Q&A with the Goddess Demeter and has created a fabulous outfit to go with it. 


Home learning (29.04.2020)

  • We’ve had a lot of work sent in from Ben who has been up to all sorts! He has been practising maths, writing his Greek story, learning the numbers 1-20 in Spanish and French and keeping his goalkeeping skills sharp. Keep it up Benny Boy!
  • Kainaat is showing no signs of slowing down with her work. She has been on with her maths, learning the Spanish numbers 1-20 (with great pronunciation!) and researching the Greek God Demeter.
  • Jazmin somehow managed to create this gorgeous poster about the numbers 1-20 in Spanish whilst simultaneously keeping an eye on her little brother! She must have eyes in the back of her head!
  • Mia has also created something that looks fabulous. She has made a really cool PowerPoint presentation based on the Greek God Artemis, including great animations!
  • Chloe has made her own poster about her chosen Greek God - Hera.
  • Romaine has been showing off his artistic skills with an absolutely ace drawing of Zeus on his Greek God fact file and shown excellent pronunciation with the Spanish numbers 1-20.
  • Kayla has also been getting involved in the Spanish action! Her pronunciation skills would give anyone a run for their money or ‘dinero’!
  • Emily Shaw has created a PowerPoint presentation on the Greek Goddess Athena.
  • Finley A has been enjoying learning the Spanish numbers 1-20 and has made a beautiful poster to go with it!
  • Mariam has created a wonderful information sheet all about the sea God Poseidon!
  • Sarah has been keeping on top of the maths work - she can’t get enough!
  • Katy has created a gigantic Union Jack flag for VE Day (8th May)! She's also taking an interest in modelling it seems - check out her snaps!
  • Elise has been super busy! She has produced a very detailed and well-written piece of work about Zeus; she created a still-life piece of artwork using flowers in a vase as inspiration; she also wrote a story about a spoilt Egyptian Princess called ‘Isabelle’ AND had the time to do some maths work as well. Go Elise!



Home learning (28.04.2020)

  • KaylaMia and Kainaat have been showing off their flair for languages by counting 1-10 in Spanish!
  • Sarah has been demonstrating more of her maths skills.
  • Chloe has been completing a reading comprehension, researching the Ancient Greeks and has chroeographed an awesome dance for her dance troop! She's been a busy bee!
  • Kainaat has also completed some maths work and has begun her research into a Greek God.



Home learning (27.04.2020)

  • Kainaat has been doing some spelling practise, maths and helping her Dad out in the garden in the sunshine
  • Mia has been very busy completing maths work, spellings and a reading comprehension!
  • Sarah has finished her reading comprehension on Arachne - I hope there are not any arachnophobes out there!

Home learning (24.04.2020)

  • Kayla has written a fantastic story about a young lady called Frankie and the perils of putting money before friendship...
  • Emily Shaw wrote a very quirky story about Bella and her dream to own a combine harvester, in order to make her farming work easier to tackle! 
  • Romaine has written a fabulous story about treating others the way you would want to be treated.
  • Kainaat has been busy once again, but this time showing her athletic abilities!
  • Jazmin has been working very hard and has sent in some maths work, a reading comprehension, her '-tious' and '-cious' spelling work and her brilliant story about strength not being everything in life.
  • Mia has produced an absolutely fantastic video about Ancient Greece - you need to watch this! She has also completed her ‘-tious’ and ‘-cious’ spelling task. 

Home learning (23.04.2020)

  • Ellissia has produced a fabulous slideshow all about the Ancient Greeks!
  • Alfie has been extremely busy doing maths, grammar, spelling and lots more.  He even had time to make an 100th  birthday card for Captain Tom Moore! Fabulous work Alfie! :)
  • Mia has written a terrific story - 'Be careful what you wish for!'
  • Sarah has been busy with her calculation blast and other maths work.
  • Kainaat is back with maths work and her own story - 'Anubis and the Pharoah'.

Mrs Brook (Honeysuckle) has sent us some fun maths problems for you to have a go at! Check them out...they're fab!

Home learning (22.04.2020)


  • Kainaat has written and recorded her own paragraph containing ‘-tious’ and ‘-cious’ spellings.
  • Rory has also recorded his own 'criminally' good ‘-tious’ and ‘-cious’ passage
  • Kayla has written a jewellery-themed ‘-tious’ and ‘-cious’ paragraph. We would not want to get on the wrong side of 'Vicious Mary'!
  • We have also finally managed to upload Mia's excellent orangutan speech. It is well worth a watch!





Home learning (21.4.2020)

  • Emily completed some research about the Ancient Greeks.  Her information was interesting and her drawing was fabulous!
  • Jazmin created a brilliant fact-file, packed full of interesting info!  :)
  • Kainaat has been busy completing a fact file about the Ancient Greeks; she has also been cracking on with her maths and reading work.  Kainaat even created her own TV channel all about the Ancient Greeks AND had time to bake some delicious looking cookies! Go Kainaat! :)
  • Mollie sent through a truly incredible video of her TV channel, which was all about the Ancient Greeks!  It's amazing and definitely worth a watch- check it out below:


Home learning photos (20.4.2020)

Here are examples of home learning completed by some of our lovely students!

  • Grace has completed a fact file about Harriet Tubman, created her own animal, written a newspaper report and written a speech about saving orangutans.
  • Finley has completed some maths work on the ‘mean’ and scored full marks on his reading comprehension! Amazing work Finley!
  • We have finally also managed to get Kainaat’s video of her speech - it’s brilliant - check it out!
  • Jack has been zooming through his maths (as usual!) and has enjoyed tackling 'the mean'

Home learning pictures


Over the past few days, we have had some more great examples of work sent in by our lovely Year 6 pupils! They are a real credit to our school, and it is always fantastic to see how you are all getting on. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be work that you send into us; if you’re doing fun activities, you can send us those pictures/videos too! We are just glad to hear from you and it’s brill to see how you’re getting on in this strange, strange time.

Here we have examples of work from quite a few students with what they have been up to:

  • Jazmin has been speech planning & speech writing, designing her own animal, writing her own daily timetable, doing some maths work and has finished reading her book.
  • Kainaat has completed a reading comprehension, planned her orangutan speech and made her own pom poms!
  • Libby has created a fact file about orangutans.
  • Olivia has written a speech for, and created a fact file about, orangutans.
  • Mollie has written her speech about orangutans.
  • Romaine has also written his speech!
  • Mia has done some fabulous research on Harriet Tubman and has created her own creature.
  • Finley A mixed art and maths together, plotting coordinates then colouring in his butterfly.
  • Sameer has been extremely busy with all his maths work!
  • Erin has been putting what she learnt about Capacity into action by making some delicious looking banana bread! She has also smashed her translation work this week! :)


Keep up the good work everyone and please stay safe!




Week 2 of 'Home Learning' and we've been receiving more updates today, which is fabulous! 

Look below to see what additional activities some of our Year 6s have been getting up to today.

Kainaat has been trying out embroidery and Katy has been supporting and helping her younger sister with her home learning work and used her science kit to produce an exploding volcano! 



Year 6 have been busy cracking on with the work we have set as part of our home learning. Here is some of the fabulous work that Ellissia, Elise, Katy, Sameer, Kayla, Kamaya, Emily, Elle and Finley from 6M and Kainaat and Jazmin from 6S have sent in this week! So proud of you guys - thanks to you and your parents for all the effort that has clearly gone in to making sure that you keep those brains ticking over! :) 

More Home Learning: Week 1!


We have had some more fabulous examples of work being done at home! Here is some work from Ben, Jazmin, OliviaKainaat and Mia in 6S and Elise, Kamaya, Kayla, KatyMariam, Marley and Jack from 6M. Keep up the amazing work everyone! We are so proud of all of you and have been overwhelmed by how hard you are all working.

This Year, our Year 6 pupils have been learning all about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Britain's involvement in it.  Check out the work below to find out how the major continents of Europe, Africa and North America were directly involved in the slave trade.

We also used the topic of 'Slavery' as a stimulus to draw eyes.  We chose from an array of different pencil densities to build up tone and make the eyes look realistic!

Check out our 'Mini Picassos' in the making' below:  

As part of both our English and Topic sessions, we studied the story of 14 Year old black boy, Emmett Till, who was murdered by two white men, Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam, for wolf-whistling at Bryant's wife.

When the two men faced trial for this murder, despite mountains of evidence against them, they walked free.  Nobody was ever punished for this horrific crime.

We discovered that because in 1955, in Mississippi, racism was still considered acceptable and 'the norm'.  We also considered that because the jury were all white, it is likely that they would have had biased views towards the men.

We reviewed the opinions of all members of the trial and discussed reasons for why they had different opinions and perspectives towards the trail.

Check out the fantastic piece of work below, which clearly analyses each group involved in the trial and reasons for their opinions.



This unit of work has promoted the importance of empathy and how essential it is for our children to understand how others may be feeling. They have been able to use debate as a method for respectfully challenging each other about the ‘rights and wrongs’  of attitudes around the time of the slave trade and have done so with maturity and decency. 

As part of our Geography topic, we built on the previous knowledge we learnt in Year 3 about mountains and volcanoes and we also learnt more about how they are formed. 


After learning about how mountains and volcanoes were formed, we turned our attentions to Mount Kilimanjaro, In Tanzania, which is made up of three volcanoes.

After learning about the five different climate zones of Kilimanjaro and as well as learning about the potential risks and hazards involved with climbing it, we created our own board games!


After creating our board games, we reflected on what we had learnt about ourselves and working with others. This is what some members of 6M had to say:


 ‘ I have learnt that I can work well with people when it comes to teamwork. I encouraged people and said positive things to them’  (Kamaya)

‘ I had a great time working with my group and I have learnt now that when I work with a group again, that I should participate more’  (Lily)

‘I liked my group but I need to back down a bit and let other people have their ideas. Also, I have learnt that I could not have made a board game like this without my team.’ (La’Kyran)

‘I learnt that teamwork makes the dream work!’ (Jack)

‘I have realised that if I pick the right people to work with that I can produce something I really care about’ (Kayla)

‘I learnt that it’s a lot more fun when you work with people and next time when we do another project, I can work with them again’ (Mason)

‘'When I put my mind to something, I can experience and learn more and things will become easier for me’ (Thomas)