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Year 4 


4 Capewell- Our class teacher is called Miss Capewell and our teaching assistant is Mrs Thompson and Mrs Robinson.

 4 Walker - Our class teachers is Mrs Walker and our teaching assistant is Mrs Woodhams.

Year 4 

Home Learning in Year 4

Take a look at some of the wonderful work last year's Year 4 children produced as part of their home learning during lock down last summer.


Year 4 poems

Year 4 wrote poems based on Entering a castle by Brian Moses.

We collected vocabulary from the original poem and used thesuaruses to carefully select synonyms which we used in our own poems. We hope you enjoy reading them. 

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Madison has added an audio file to her PowerPoint presentation, below. 

Millie Dawson write this brilliant newspaper report on the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and it's destruction of the Roman town of Pompeii:

We love reading in 4Capewell...

In 4Capewell, we really enjoy our daily ERIC time, when we get to settle down with a great book, cushions and begin to explore new worlds our authors are taking us to!

We even share our reading with 1/2Butler, helping the younger children with their reading and understanding of the text. 

Maths - Fractions

We have really enjoyed learning about fractions and using them in our learning. Here are some pictures of our discovering fractions lesson, where we started equally separating the whole to discover the importance of numerators and denominators. 

Science - Sound

In Science this half term, we have been learning about sound. We have studied how sound is made, how it is received by the ear, how to alter pitch and volume. To consolidate what we had learnt, and combine it with our Romans topic, we created our own Roman instruments, which we designed, created, played and evaluated. Have a look at the pictures below to see what we have made. We think we could make up a pretty impressive Roman Rock band!

Autumn Term 2019 - Workhouse Conditions During The Industrial Revolution

From 1760 to 1840, there was a time of great change in England called The Industrial Revolution. This meant that there were changes in manufacturing that began with products being made in large scale factories, rather than in the cottage industry. Although this resulted in money and employment for a large percentage of the population, many people fell into abject poverty, meaning the workhouse was their only means of survival. 

Life in the workhouse was bleak. The rules and consequences were extremely harsh, and children were shocked by how different life was then to how it is now. We researched crimes and punishments, and from this created our own list of workhouse rules. These are shown below.


Autumn Term 2019 - WW1 Poetry

Over the week leading up to Remembrance Day, we read the book 'Where The Poppies Now Grow'. This helped us to understand and empathise with the soldiers, nurses, doctors and family members who played a part in the First World War. In response to this, we wrote poetry and letters home from the trenches. Images of our thoughtful words are shown below.


Autumn Term - Science (Sound)
In our Science work, we have been learning all about how sound is made and how sound travels. We had a visit from Sam the Sound Man, who taught us about the science of sound and how to make musical instruments from recycled materials. We really enjoyed exploring how sound waves changed  and we had the opportunity to experiment with lots of different musical instruments.

Autumn Term - Geography (Kirkheaton)
After learning about the differences between cities and villages, we visited the local village of Kirkheaton to compare and contrast human and physical features. We created an environmental survey to explore the land use and local amenities. We also had lots of fun exploring the local park whilst taking in the rural sights. After our trip, we held a debate on whether we would prefer to live in the city of Manchester or the village of Kirkheaton.

Spring Term - Ancient Rome Homework

 We have created lots of different homework pieces based on our Topic work about Romans. 
Have a look at our fantastic Roman homework! 

Fairtrade Fortnight 2019

To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, we explored the origins of our food and thought about the impact on farmers across the world. We looked at the journey  of the cocoa bean, from jungle to supermarket.